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What is Intermapper?

Intermapper is network monitoring software with live network mapping for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Reliable and flexible, Intermapper gives network professionals visibility into what’s happening on the network now—so you’re always one step ahead of potential outages. The software is easy to install and quick to learn.

Discover the Full Picture with Intermapper

Your network goes beyond your network. There’s more to monitor and map. Intermapper monitors and maps everything with an IP address to give you a look at your entire environment.


See your entire environment, not just the IT network, in real-time. No refreshing required, Intermapper shows you what’s happening right now.


Intermapper is easy to install, easy to deploy, and easy to use. You can even use auto-discovery to map your environment faster.


Simple, predictable, device-based pricing allows your organization to grow with changing environments and still be able to monitor your entire network.

Benefits of Network Monitoring

Stay Ahead of Outages

Network monitoring gives you the visibility you need to stay one step ahead of potential issues. By showing live network performance data in an easy-to-read interface, network monitoring software helps you identify outages that could cause bottlenecks.

Fix Issues Faster

Whether you're dealing with a configuration error or an abnormal traffic fluctuation, network monitoring software helps you get to the bottom of issues once and for all. Live network maps lead you to the origin of problems, and status windows give you performance metrics over time.

Gain Immediate ROI

The right network monitoring tool can deliver immediate ROI. Without the need to manually dig into network performance, staff have time back in their day to work on more critical projects. Seeing the source of issues cuts down on tedious troubleshooting time.

Manage Growing, Changing Networks

Networks are also growing in complexity. Whether you're dealing with cloud migrations or IPv6 transitions, you need flexible, reliable tools to help you monitor all your IP assets and ensure smooth performance—even in the midst of change.

Identify Security Threats

A network monitoring tool can provide that first level of security. The biggest benefit you get is a picture of what "normal" performance looks like for your organization, making it easy to spot anything out of the ordinary—whether that's a spike in traffic levels or an unfamiliar device that's connected to your network.

Report on SLAs

Keeping your promises with regards to network availability is a top priority to IT consultants and managed service providers. With the ability to report on performance that network monitoring provides, you can more easily meet the requirements of SLAs and ensure the satisfaction of your customers.


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